hello i'm elley and i build websites, brochures and brands.


i help turn ideas into unforgettable experiences.

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i design for the customer.


because my customers are my biggest fans.

“The quality of Elley’s work was flawless. Premium grade!”

“Together we met every timeline. Very diligent”

“The advice I received was reassuring and practical”

“I will definitely recommend Elley to my friends. Keep up the good work!”

here are some things you can always count on from me.

Guaranteed price
Once you have a quote it will never change, so you can have peace of mind that the project you’ve budgeted for is exactly what will be delivered
Forever support
I believe in helping wherever I can, but building things in a way (and providing training) so you never have to rely on me. This way, you have everything you need, and you never have to pay an ongoing cost. Of course if you do forget things though or need a hand once in a while, I’m only a phone call away
Complete control
Happy customers are the most important thing in business. When you come onboard with me, we’ll brainstorm, share ideas and try out different options but your project remains your project. Your happiness is the most important thing and we’ll keep working until we have it
You own everything
Some designers and developers structure things in a way that makes it very hard to separate from them if you don’t want to use them anymore. When you come onboard with me, absolutely everything that is yours is yours. Access to all website files, business card and letterhead designs, access to printing contacts etc
Incremental billing
This means that your quotes are itemised – you can see what each component costs and pay for it as we go to help with budgeting. This also means that if for any reason you want to put the project on hold, change elements or postpone things, we have the flexibility to do that
Access to your own Project Management tool
This is a place for us to upload mock ups, share ideas, give feedback and keep you always in the loop about what’s finished and what’s coming up next

what are you waiting for?!

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